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proto/meta studio is the collaborative design practice of
Henrik Nieratschker & Marcel Helmer




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proto/meta is a collaborative design practice interested in the relationships and narratives that emerge when humans and technology intersect. As designers, technologists and self acclaimed storytellers we approach our technological environment from a biased, critical, but also enthusiastic and hopeful perspective. In our studiowork we are creating engaging narratives that take place between fictional, parallel worlds and our own technological, cultural and social reality to develop new viewpoints on technology and its impacts. These alternative perspectives allow us to design objects and systems outside of industrial restrictions and patterns while questioning our positions within technological environments and proposing different scenarios and developments for the past, present and future.

We believe that prototyping and the creation of physical and digital objects are valuable modes of reflecting and pushing current understandings of technologically infused environments and that storytelling and speculation are powerful tools to shape public attitudes towards emerging technologies.

During production of our projects we take on a variety of roles and modes of creating, from graphic, product and exhibition design over custom building hardware and software to movie production and creative writing.

We are based in London/UK and Germany.

s t u d i o w o r k


clients & partners

In the past we have worked
with and for:

Brighton Digital Festival
Science Gallery Dublin
HfK Bremen Digital Media
RCA Design Interactions
ICRI London: Future Cities


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